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ENSA Clothing Ltd. is a global apparel sourcing agent in Dhaka, Bangladesh. It was established in the year 2015 by a team of well experienced Garments professionals. The company is well Entrenched with providing clients with highest quality garments accompanied by on time delivery in all product categories. ENSA clothing has strongly established its repute with its robust sourcing network in production of variety of garments knit, woven & Sweaters. In addition, ENSA has specialized Division for Handicrafts items.

We guarantee delivery of wide range of Apparel products within extremely reasonable time frame while strictly maintaining its quality requirements and specifications. Our Team of highly skilled Merchandisers and Quality controllers are committed to ensure maximum Client’s satisfaction.

Our Partner factories are well versed in executing orders of renowned importers/customers from all over the world. The factories are fully compliant with Accord, Alliance, ISO9001, Wrap, BSCI, OCS and Oeko Tex Certificates.

Our Main customers are mainly from Europe such as Poland, France, Italy & Germany and Current Turnover is US$18M/Annum Approximately.

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What We Do

ENSA is a best global fashion sourcing specialist, creating pieces of apparel and embellishments bar none. We’re then to reluctantly uphold both our design retail and commercial work guests. We can make our goods with pieces by pieces as per our customer required. We always source best fashion with minimum price in maximum sales. Our principal point is to bear any dread, misgiving, or bother of sourcing widely. We work legitimately and privately with purchasers and fashioners the same, from plan idea to mass creation vehicle. Our full compass of administrations and skill incorporates texture and trims sourcing, marketing, piece of apparel invention, global exchange, and delivery. We do this since we realize how it’s finished! We likewise realize that this is the place where we can negotiate the absolute stylish mix of intensity and quality for you.

Bulk Manufacture

Our team members exert great effort into designing and manufacturing best products. These products are bound to win the hearts of our buyers. We have a quality control and design team. They are dedicated in ensuring top quality garment and more. We check every day randomly from bulk and tested our laboratory. Our Merchandising team supervise the goods randomly in factory always make best product or full feel our customer required.

Fabric Quality & Durability

At Ensa we are on a mission to offer our clients best fabrics to make products consumers can trust. We combine on-the-ground experts for quality inspections, supplier audits, certification, and lab testing our in house laboratory, with a digital platform that brings accuracy, visibility and intelligence for quality and compliance data. Our committed employees live and make decisions everyday by our core values as per customer required or best standard


Our main focus to deliver all goods in on time as per committed time. Till now we have 94% succeed the delivered goods as committed delivery date. Our product team always work on maximum product with minimum effort. We work from the line layout with less workflow with maximum output. We have strong planning team to work from the bottom line. We always strictly control our delivery date.

Product Development

We have strong design department and our product developers ensure the profitability and quality of mass produced fashion items. This means you oversee the decisions where design intersects with marketing. process is a team effort by a number of people involved in an apparel organization to choose best product. Also our team develop product as per our customer required design. We follow current color chart in season wise best effort for our customer.

Social Responsibility

Social responsibility that we contributed effort must act in a manner benefiting society, not just the bottom line. Social responsibility has become increasingly important to investors and consumers who seek investments that not only are profitable but also contribute to the welfare of society and the environment. While critics have traditionally argued that the basic nature of business does not consider society as a stakeholder, younger generations are embracing social responsibility and driving change. We contribute in education, Medical and homeless people. Our Company strictly follow Detox for Zero hazard for country human life. This is our responsibility to save our environment.

Quality Guaranteed

We Ensa give you our quality Guarantee. Today’s educated consumer is focused on finding fashion with the best balance of style, quality, and price, manufactured under the highest possible ethical standards. Increased consumer awareness is making apparel quality control more important than ever. At ENSA, we offer quality control and assurance services for every stage of your apparel supply chain – from source to shelf. ENSA has over strong off-the-shelf customizable product-specific inspection checklists. Our expertise in soft line testing will help your brand ensure the safety and quality of your apparel. We guarantee of our quality asper customer AQL label.

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